Holiday Szn

I’m not about to start with a bah humbug moment, but this year been real different. I have no kids, no nieces and nephews, family not like it used to be where we would all gather around the tree and open the gifts we managed to get among the hoards of people in the stores. Nah, that didn’t occur this year or the year before to think of it. Even as an adult, when parents split you don’t realize how hard it affects life thereafter until you’re in it. That was back in 2016. Now we are here and it’s weird that even though I’m 34, I still don’t like the fact that my family isn’t what it once was, that Cosby-esque vibe that I didn’t know how much I missed until now. It just makes me realize when I do have a family on my own to create and continue traditions such as family all coming together at one house to eat, crack jokes, catch up, and just enjoy time spent. I can say although I didn’t get to be around my immediate family today, being a temp orphan for today allowed me to be around adopted family aka my cousins’ mother’s side of the family (hope that makes sense lol, pretty much her uncle is my dad’s brother, but I got to spend it with her mom’s side of the family). It was a such a good vibe, joy, laughter, and I got to see what it’s really like when family comes together and just enjoy one another. At the very most, it brought back those happy holiday moments of the past and made me think that these are the exact moments and memories I want to relive when I have a family of my own. Guess the lesson here is family just doesn’t mean through blood, it stems in many forms. It’s the traditions that keep us connected and we should strive to keep them alive.

Author: Brittany Cheri

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