What up ya’ll! It’s ya girl Brittany Cheri, to some BB, to others Lucy. Known by many names, but there’s only one me, the creative gem(ini). Owner of Style House Tuesday, big sis, cool play auntie to the kids, and bomb a** friend. This is a creative journey type of sitch. I’m on a creative journey looking to find my place in this world through fashion and DIY all while trying to help others. Here to spread nothing but love, positivity and smiles through fashion and decor with DIYs, finds, and other visually appealing goodies.

Fun Facts

Born with a blonde-ish patch of hair in the back of my head. Was told this was a sign of good luck…I’ll gladly accept that.

I have 8 tattoos and plan on adding more because ADDICTED.

I’m a hopeless romantic. Don’t know if I was always like this, but I LOVE love (insert heart eye emoji here).

Let’s build something together.

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